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Swift microwave therapy wart treatment

Swift microwave therapy wart treatment is the fastest and safest way to treat warts on the hands and feet. Most warts require 3 treatments or fewer with a total resolution rate of >83% (8 weeks after the final treatment), making it more effective than other wart treatments. As the treatment is well tolerated and highly effective it has become the main wart treatment offered at Podiatry Group Melbourne.

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How does Swift microwave therapy wart treatment work?

Swift therapy emits a focused microwave signal into the skin at a specific depth to ensure only the wart is targeted. A process called Heat Shock occurs within infected skin cells. This causes the wart to release proteins into the circulatory system, allowing the immune system to recognise the infection and begin to fight the virus.

How many Swift microwave therapy wart treatments will I need to remove my wart?

Swift microwave therapy wart treatment is highly effective at treating warts in 3 treatments or less. However the number of sessions depends on how you respond to treatment.

Can anyone receive Swift microwave therapy wart treatment

Most people who have warts can undertake Swift microwave therapy wart treatment (with a few exceptions). If you have warts or have unsuccessfully tried other wart treatments then it may be a good time to contact Podiatry Group Melbourne.

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