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Sports Podiatrist Melbourne

We all understand and appreciate the benefits that exercise, fitness and sport have on the human body and mind, and as such we believe it is important for everybody to engage in an active lifestyle to remain healthy and happy. From your daily run or morning swim for cardio, to weight training or Pilates for muscle building and body strengthening or engaging in team sports for overall improved fitness and social engagement, there are so many options and fun ways to stay fit and healthy that suit every lifestyle. At Podiatry Group Melbourne, our goal is to help guide and support you in this endeavour no matter your passion, be it basketball, football, martial arts or dance, our experience and knowledge in foot and ankle conditions and pain treatment ensures you’ll be back on your feet quicker should a problem arise.

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Partaking in exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes per day can drastically improve your health. Even something as easy and simple as walking for 20 minutes per day can help protect your heart, lose weight, improve mood and aid in a restful night’s sleep. If you want to start exercise but are experiencing foot or ankle pain which prohibits you, or if you have suffered an injury as a result of foot or ankle trauma caused by exercise, then you should visit an experienced podiatrist and have yourself assessed. Recovery may be simpler than you think and may include a stretching regiment and/or orthotics to help stabilise and balance your feet and body overall.


In Australia we love our sport, both as a spectator and as a player. Our passion for sport begins from a young age and into our teenage years, with most teens actively playing competitive sports on a weekly basis and sometimes playing 2-3 different sports at the same time. This means teenage feet endure large amounts of pressure and repetitive impact which can result in sore feet and if untreated, injury. During these early teenage years, we strongly recommend a visit to a Podiatrist for a lower limb assessment, as it is common for teenagers to suffer from flat feet and other common foot issues where interventions like orthotics can be highly beneficial. Similarly, adults who engage in frequent sport and training may also be suffering from foot pain and aches without knowing they have an underlying foot issue that would benefit from a visit to a podiatrist.

Surgical treatment

If you suffer from chronic foot and ankle pain as a result of overuse due to sports or due to an acute sports injury, our goal at Podiatry Group Melbourne is to get you back on the field, court, pitch or gym as soon as possible so you can continue doing what you love. Our first priority is to try and treat your ailment with non-surgical treatment where possible, this may be an icing or stretching regimen, custom made orthotics or injection therapy. If the problem persists and we believe surgery is the most viable option for better, overall recovery and wellbeing then we may refer you to our foot and ankle surgeon Dr Omar Baarini, who can further advise you of the pros and cons of surgical intervention and help guide you throughout the surgical treatment process.