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Swift wart treatment now available at Newport, Niddrie and Thomastown

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Swift wart treatment is a game changer

Swift microwave therapy wart treatment has been a game changer for our patients. The treatment is safe, fast and effective. Eliminating the need for any dressings or lotions after treatment. 

Swift wart treatment is great for treating children

Since introducing Swift wart treatment in our podiatry clinics the long term benefit to patients in the resolution of warts with minimal reinfection has been phenomenal. As such it is now our wart treatment of choice especially when treating children due it being a wall-in walk-out treatment that is fast and non invasive.

Swift wart treatment usually requires only 3 treatments

Swift wart treatment allows the individual's immune system to recognise the wart cells and start to destroy the wart lesion. 3 treatments are generally required, spaced approximately 4 weeks apart. With a few exceptions, most people with warts can have this treatment. Our podiatrists can assess your suitability prior to treatment.

We can use Swift to treat warts on hands and feet

We now offer Swift wart treatment for warts on hands and feet at all 3 locations: Newport, Niddrie and Thomastown. If you're booking in for Swift therapy for your wart please let our friendly admin team know, as we can usually offer the treatment at your first consultation.

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