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Fungal nail home remedies - do they work?

Summer is here and naturally we all want to look our best. Unfortunately for some, our feet might be letting us down, especially in the toenail department. If you have yellowing, thickened and brittle toenails that look unsightly, then let's face it, you may have a fungal nail infection. Fungal nail can be the cause of much embarrassment and ruin a perfectly good day at the beach or stop you from wearing open-toed shoes.

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Common home remedies for fungal nails

Popular home remedies for curing fungal nail infections that can be found on the internet include:

1. A Mouthwash soak for your feet

2. An Apple cider vinegar soak for your feet

3. A Cornmeal soak for your feet

4. Applying Mentholated cream to the infected toenail

5. Applying minced/pureed Garlic to the infected toenail

For many of us, our first instinct is to go to the internet and google fast and easy home remedies for fungal nails. Unfortunately, none of the aforementioned home remedies are scientifically proven to be an effective way to cure fungal nails. Although they are not likely to harm you, they will be a waste of your time and delay you from getting the proper treatment required.

Real treatment starts with a real diagnosis

The first step to successfully conquering onychomycosis (aka fungal nail infection) is to be 
properly diagnosed, which is best done by a Podiatrist and not by Dr Google. Depending on the severity of your fungal nail infection, an experienced Podiatrist can devise a treatment plan to solve your fungal nail problem for the long term, helping to minimise the likelihood of reinfection. 

Fungal nail treatment that actually works

At Podiatry Group Melbourne we have developed a proven 3 point approach to treating fungal nail infection which we call our Clearview Nail Program. The Clearview Nail Program is the result of years of successful treatment of Fungal Nail Infection with Laser Treatment, Nail Reduction/Burring and Topical Application. Our Clearview Nail Program uses a combination of all three of these successful treatments to maximise their effectiveness and consequently decrease the chance of reinfection. 

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In as little as 4 visits to a Podiatry Group Melbourne clinic your fungal nail can be cleared and you'll be ready to head out to the beach and be looking your best again. Make an appointment today and enjoy the rest of your summer fungal nail free.

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