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Unexpected foot pain during isolation

Are you experiencing foot pain during isolation? It is most likely due to increased time spent at home walking on hard surfaces without supportive footwear. Our Podiatrists are treating an increased number of cases of heel pain (plantar fasciitis) and forefoot pain (metatarsalgia) as people are forced to spend more time indoors due to Covid-19.

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The following are some of our top recommendations to help relieve foot pain:

1. Wear shoes indoors

Wear supportive shoes indoors to relieve the contact pressure between your foot and hard surfaces.

2. Ice therapy for inflammation

Apply ice to the region of pain for 10 mins twice a day. This helps alleviate inflammation.

3. Prescription orthotics

If you have prescription orthotics for an existing condition such as high arched or extremely low arched feet, then you should wear them indoors with a good pair of trainers. It is important to note that your orthotics are not just for when you leave the house.

4. Introduce exercise gradually

Ensure that you introduce exercise gradually. A sudden increase in physical activity such as going from a period of inactivity to running 5km can increase the amount of stress on your feet, which can lead to soft tissue injury. 

5. Maintain a healthy body weight

Try to maintain a healthy body weight. The combination of increased bodyweight and walking on hard surfaces can increase your chances of foot and heel pain.

If the problem persists or worsens, please make an appointment with one of our foot and heel pain experts.  

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