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How do I know if my child needs orthotics?

“Does my child need orthotics?” is a question commonly asked of the Podiatrists at Podiatry Group Melbourne and the answer may depend on how you would reply to the following two questions.

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1. Does your child complain of pain in their lower back, knees, ankles or feet during or after activities including walking and running?

2. Does your child display a walking pattern or foot position (when standing) that looks a little "strange" or "uncomfortable"  to you?

It may seem oversimplified but it's a great starting point and an answer of "yes" to either or both questions would definitely warrant a visit to a Podiatrist for further assessment. 

At Podiatry Group Melbourne we are experts in the assessment and fitting of custom orthotics when they are required. All of our clinics now provide 3D scanning and 3D printing of our orthotics which we believe improves the control, comfort and correction of our custom orthotics. 

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